Terms & Conditions

It is recommended to read our Terms and Conditions carefully prior to booking our services.

The online calculator is for moving or relocating individual or multiple items from A to B location. It does not include house moving or Business relocation. For house moving and business relocation please refer to our house moving link where the rates are mentioned upfront.

This information is for customers wanting to book our services online via our online calculator. Pacific Movers reserves full right to alter the quotes/prices offered to customers (residential/ commercial) in case of inaccurate information provided by customer such as driveway/access issues, no parking facility available, size of item/s, dimensions of item/s, and weight of item/s. Customer is fully responsible for providing true and accurate information for transportation of goods from A to B location. Choosing correct options to complete quote request is critical for us to provide a service quote. If the customer’s request is not completed due to wrong selection of options mentioned on Pacific Movers website, then Customer is considered at fault.

Customer will be charged even though the service request (job) not completed. The customer needs to rebook a new service request with correct options. If customers are not sure we advise to contact us prior to make a booking i.e. if they are not sure about which service would be suitable for a particular move. Our staff is well trained to guide you and save you from unnecessary hassle and waste of time.

In case if a customer requests a single person service, it is expected that the customer is providing full support to the available staff member in loading and uploading the items in the vehicle or the items are within one person weight limit requirement. Please refer to our weight requirements as mentioned below under weight requirements.

Pacific Movers reserve the right to charge standard delivery charge if the customer is not home during the scheduled delivery time, or has cancelled, or provided wrong delivery address. Please note our price is based on transporting goods from A to B location. For any exceptions please check with our staff prior to booking our service.

Pacific Movers strictly follow the Health & Safety guidelines. Our staff reserves full right to decline customer’s request if it compromises staff’s health and safety, and if they believe there is a risk to product/ property from getting damaged due to any reason. Prior to transporting goods our staff will ascertain and make sure health and safety policy is adhered and followed. This way we can minimize damages whilst goods are in our custody. Pacific Movers reserves the right to decline the request to transport goods if they are not packed properly and there is a risk for them to get damage whilst in transit. Please consult with our staff to mitigate issues like this.

We do not welcome transportation of pets (animals), inflammable substances, hazardous items, dangerous goods and perishable goods.

Weight Requirements

Our staff is fully trained to lift items in a correct manner to avoid any health and safety issues. However, it is the full responsibility of the customers to disclose the correct weight of the item at the time of booking our service. For a single staff member maximum weight limit to lift is 28 Kgs. If the items are above 28kgs we recommend the customers to book two men service which can lift to 75kgs. If the items are heavy and require more staff, then Pacific Movers can provide extra staff to accomplish the task. However additional charges may apply.

Insurance Policy

Carriers Liability and Insurance:

Pacific Movers is covered under Carriers Liability Policy which do cover the movement of new or used furniture items or goods from seller to a buyer. This applies to when Pacific Movers deliver new furniture items from Retailers to customers. However,

  • This policy DOES NOT cover household/office removal/relocation. This service is provided at Owners Risk please refer below.

Please note we consider Residential/Office removals as house moving and office relocations which will not be covered by Pacific Movers Limited.

In accordance with The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017

“These goods are carried at owners’ risk. This means that carrier will pay no compensation if the goods are lost or damaged, unless the carrier intentionally loses or damages them.”

Despite, taking much care and caution accidents can and may happen. So, it is advisable by Pacific Movers to contact your home and content insurance provider and ask for specific Transit Cover during the transit process/time. However, this can be arranged by our staff with our Insurance company to opt for one off cargo policy for furniture removals or office removals. Pease speak to Pacific Movers staff if you want to take a one of insurance policy, we are happy to assist.

Good Excluded from Cover

  • Jewelry, gold and silver articles, precious stones, bullion, cash, banknotes, deeds, bonds, bills of exchange and other documents representing money.
  • Aircraft of any kind including helicopters.
  • Accessories in or on any aircraft or helicopter.
  • Household goods and personal effects carried for the purpose of household removal.
  • Office furniture carried for the purpose of office removal.
  • Tobacco or tobacco products.

PLEASE NOTE: Pacific Movers Limited can also sub-contract your service request to a third-party. However, it completely depends on the level of work load we have at the time of service requested by customer. Transport services provided either by Pacific Movers or by sub-contractors will still fall under same terms and conditions as discussed above. However, Pacific Movers is not responsible for any damage caused to the goods or the property in case the relocation or transport service is provided by sub-contractor or third party. The goods are carried solely at ‘Owner’s Risk’ in accordance with The Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 Section 250.

Pacific Movers is not responsible for causing any damages to the floor, lawns, driveways, footpath, post box, underground cables and pipes while performing the service.

Pacific Movers try their best to provide timely service as per customers bookings. But Pacific Movers reserve the right to hold, postpone and delay the booked time under unforeseen circumstances. Pacific Movers cannot be held liable for any personal or business loss occurred due to delay in performing the circumstances.


Delivery booking will only be confirmed once the payment is made online. However, if the service is not booked online then customers are required to pay at the completion of service requested.

Customers need to present their card details on our secure online channel on accepting the presented quote.

For Credit Card and Master Card 3 percent bank processing fee apply. Once the customer request is booked and customer has paid in full. If the customer changes his/her mind and want to cancel the service request NO REFUND can be claimed. However under certain circumstances $50 non refundable booking fee apply. Pacific Movers will only provide a FULL REFUND in case we are unable to transit your items due to our fault.